Dustin Johnson Wins Rocket Mortgage Classic

Dustin Johnson Takes Home the Win at Rocket Mortgage Classic!

Dustin Johnson took home the win at the 2021 Rocket Mortgage Classic, held in Detroit, Michigan. Johnson finished the tournament with a score of 20-under par, four strokes ahead of second place finisher Scottie Scheffler.

Johnson started off strong on Thursday and Friday with rounds of 63 and 66 respectively. He then continued his dominance on Saturday with a round of 68 and closed out the tournament with a final round of 67 to secure the victory. This is his fourth PGA Tour win since 2019, including a win at the Masters last year.

Johnson’s impressive performance was highlighted by his strong driving accuracy throughout the tournament and his ability to make putts when it mattered most. He also had great control over his approach shots, as evidenced by his low number of bogeys during all four rounds.

The Rocket Mortgage Classic was an exciting event for fans around the world, and Dustin Johnson’s victory added another chapter to what has been an incredible comeback story for him since 2017. As he continues to build upon this success, golf fans everywhere will be eager to see what comes next from Dustin Johnson!


The 2021 Rocket Mortgage Classic was won by Bryson DeChambeau. The American professional golfer shot a final round of 64 on Sunday to finish at 22-under par, two strokes ahead of Matthew Wolff and Doc Redman. This is DeChambeau’s fifth career PGA Tour victory and third in the last 12 months.

– Bryson DeChambeau’s Triumph at the Rocket Mortgage Classic

On July 5th, 2020, Bryson DeChambeau achieved a historic victory at the Rocket Mortgage Classic in Detroit, Michigan. The 27-year-old golfer from California shot a final round score of 64 to secure his sixth PGA Tour win and first since 2018.

DeChambeau entered the final round with a two-stroke lead over fellow American Doc Redman. He quickly extended that lead by making birdie on the first hole and then an eagle on the third hole. He never looked back after that, as he continued to make birdies throughout the rest of his round. He finished with a total score of 264, which was 20-under par for the tournament and four strokes ahead of second place finisher Webb Simpson.

This victory was especially significant for DeChambeau because it marked his first win since undergoing an extensive physical transformation last year. Since then, he has added over 40 pounds of muscle and changed his approach to golf in order to increase his power off the tee. This strategy paid off as DeChambeau averaged 325 yards per drive at the Rocket Mortgage Classic, which was more than 20 yards longer than any other player in the field.

The win also solidified DeChambeau’s standing as one of golf’s top players and earned him $1.5 million in prize money. With this victory, he is now projected to be one of the favorites heading into next month’s major championship – The Open Championship at Royal St George’s Golf Club in England.

Bryson DeChambeau’s triumph at the Rocket Mortgage Classic was truly remarkable and cemented his status as one of golf’s top players today.

– Highlights from the Rocket Mortgage Classic

The Rocket Mortgage Classic, held at Detroit Golf Club from June 27th-30th, was a thrilling event for golf fans. This inaugural PGA Tour event saw some of the biggest names in golf competing for the title. The tournament ultimately came down to a playoff between Nate Lashley and Doc Redman, with Lashley emerging victorious. Here are some of the highlights from the Rocket Mortgage Classic:

• Nate Lashley claimed his first PGA Tour win after sinking an 18-foot birdie putt on the first playoff hole. He finished the tournament with an impressive -25 under par score and a four-stroke victory over Doc Redman.

• Rory McIlroy had a strong showing in Detroit, finishing in third place at -21 under par. He was in contention throughout the tournament and shot a final round 64 to get into the playoff.

• Matthew Wolff’s second place finish at -24 under par was one of his best performances on Tour yet. He made huge putts throughout the week, including a 50-footer on Saturday that kept him in contention for the title.

• Doc Redman’s performance throughout the week was impressive as well, as he finished runner up to Lashley after shooting rounds of 63-64-69-68 to get into the playoff.

• Other notable performances included Jason Day finishing tied for fourth (-20) and Rickie Fowler finishing tied for sixth (-18).

The Rocket Mortgage Classic was an exciting event that showcased some great golf from some of the game’s best players. With Lashley claiming his first PGA Tour win and other top players making strong showings, this tournament set itself up nicely for next year’s edition.

– Analysis of Bryson DeChambeau’s Performance at the Rocket Mortgage Classic

Bryson DeChambeau’s performance at the Rocket Mortgage Classic was nothing short of remarkable. The young American golfer finished in a tie for second place, just one stroke behind winner Nate Lashley. This result was especially impressive given that it was only his third start on the PGA Tour since returning from an extended break due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

DeChambeau’s performance can be broken down into three distinct aspects: driving, approach shots, and putting. In terms of driving, DeChambeau averaged a distance of 325 yards off the tee. This is well above the tour average and gave him an advantage when setting up his approach shots. His approach play was also impressive as he hit 64% of greens in regulation and gained an average of 1.4 strokes per round on approaches alone. Finally, his putting was solid as he averaged 1.5 putts per green in regulation and gained 0.6 strokes per round with his putter.

Overall, Bryson DeChambeau’s performance at the Rocket Mortgage Classic was very impressive and showed that he is still one of the top golfers in the world despite taking some time away from competition due to the pandemic. His strong driving, approach play, and putting all contributed to his success at this event and should give him confidence heading into future tournaments on the PGA Tour.

– Impact of Bryson DeChambeau’s Win on Professional Golf

Bryson DeChambeau’s recent win at the US Open has been a game-changer for professional golf. He is credited with revolutionizing the sport with his unique approach to the game, which includes an emphasis on power and distance. His success has opened up a new realm of possibilities for other players who are willing to take a more scientific approach to their game.

DeChambeau’s win has had an immediate impact on how golfers prepare for tournaments. With his new style of play, golfers must now focus more on strength training and distance control in order to compete at a high level. This means that they must put in extra work off the course in order to stay competitive on it.

Another impact of DeChambeau’s win is that it has made the game more accessible to younger players. His success has shown that anyone can succeed if they’re willing to put in the time and effort necessary to improve their game. It has also made it easier for aspiring professionals to get sponsorships and endorsements, as DeChambeau’s success has proven that there is money to be made in professional golf.

Finally, DeChambeau’s win has also forced golf courses around the world to rethink their design strategies. With his increased power off the tee, many courses are being redesigned or altered in order to remain competitive and challenging for all levels of players.

Overall, Bryson DeChambeau’s win at the US Open has had a lasting impact on professional golf. It has changed how players prepare for tournaments, made the game more accessible to younger players, and forced courses around the world to rethink their design strategies. As such, it will be interesting to see how this new era of professional golf evolves over time.

– How Technology Helped Bryson DeChambeau Win the Rocket Mortgage Classic

Bryson DeChambeau’s victory at the Rocket Mortgage Classic was a testament to the power of technology. The American golfer used cutting-edge tools to help him prepare for the tournament, and his success is a great example of how technology can be used to improve performance in any sport.

DeChambeau has been on the forefront of golf technology since he began using TrackMan data to analyze his swing in 2016. He has continued to use this data-driven approach to refine his game and make adjustments as needed. This year, DeChambeau worked with TaylorMade’s M5 driver and M6 irons, which are designed with advanced technologies like Twist Face and Inverted Cone Technology. These features allow for more consistent ball striking and greater distance off the tee.

In addition to his equipment, DeChambeau also made use of modern fitness techniques in order to maximize his performance. He incorporated high-intensity interval training into his routine in order to increase strength and endurance while on the course. He also used a variety of gadgets such as heart rate monitors, GPS devices, and even digital scales to track his progress throughout the tournament.

The combination of modern equipment, data analysis, and physical training allowed DeChambeau to produce an impressive victory at the Rocket Mortgage Classic. His success serves as a reminder that technology can be an invaluable asset when it comes to improving athletic performance. By leveraging these tools, athletes can gain an edge over their competition and reach new heights in their respective sports.


The winner of the 2021 Rocket Mortgage Classic was Bryson DeChambeau. He shot a final round of 64 to finish at 22-under par and win by three strokes over Matthew Wolff.

Few Questions With Answers

Q1. Who won the 2021 Rocket Mortgage Classic?

A1. Bryson DeChambeau won the 2021 Rocket Mortgage Classic.

Q2. How many strokes did DeChambeau win by?

A2. DeChambeau won by three strokes, finishing with a total score of -24.

Q3. What golf club did DeChambeau use to win the tournament?

A3. DeChambeau used Cobra Golf clubs during the tournament, including a King F9 Speedback driver and King MB irons for his victory at Detroit Golf Club.

Q4. Who was runner up to DeChambeau in the Rocket Mortgage Classic?

A4. Doc Redman was runner up to DeChambeau in the Rocket Mortgage Classic, finishing three shots behind with a total score of -21.

Q5. How much money did DeChambeau win for winning the tournament?
A5. DeChambeau won $1,386,000 for winning the tournament at Detroit Golf Club.

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